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Category: Church History

Emperor Nerva’s Reform of the Jewish Tax

6 years ago

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Under Domitian (emperor from 81 to 96 C.E.), the Fiscus Iudaicus was administered very harshly, and there was no shortage of informers (Suetonius, Domitian 12.1–2). In particular, new victims of the tax were non-Jews who “lived a Jewish life without publicly acknowledging that fact” (i.e., Jewish sympathizers and gentile Christians) and Jews who “concealed their…

Restored splendor at the Catacombs of Domatilla – La Croix International

7 years ago

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Restored splendor at the Catacombs of Domatilla. Recent renovations at Rome’s largest underground cemetery located south-east of the city, have revealed several previously unknown frescoes. The Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology, which is responsible for the Roman catacombs, has unveiled the latest restorations of the Catacombs of Domitilla south-east of the Eternal City. According to the German…

1 Timothy 2: Paul’s Original Language, Timothy’s Original Context – The Junia Project

7 years ago

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It was to Timothy, in Ephesus, that Paul wrote his letter warning against false teaching. Given the context his warnings were well-deserved. Throughout history, the church has been characterized by a male-dominated social hierarchy. This worldview has been so pervasive that some even consider it to be “God’s created order.” In light of the prevalence…

A Short History of Ordination (Part I) – Memory, Meaning & Faith

7 years ago

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A Short History of Ordination (Part I) by Darius Jankiewicz With few exceptions, most contemporary Christians consider ordination a legitimate rite of setting selected members apart for the purpose of pastoral ministry and oversight in the Christian Church.  It is also generally assumed that the rite finds its foundations in the Old and New Testaments.…

The Dead Sea Scrolls – Conservation

7 years ago

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  Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, scholars and conservators have been concerned with their conservation, preservation and documentation. For over 2,000 years, the Scrolls were preserved in a relatively stable environment: the caves of the Judean Desert. Removing the fragile Scrolls from their caves not only interrupted their environmental stability, but also…

What Really Lies Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives? | Ancient Origins

7 years ago

304 words

  Mystery and intrigue are inherent to the Holy See. People will always wonder what religious authorities are conspiring to behind closed doors, what treasures lie within the vaults of the Vatican. Despite claims that the Pope has evidence of extraterrestrials and demons tucked away in his catacombs, the truth of the secret archives is…

A.D. 70 Titus Destroys Jerusalem | Christian History

7 years ago

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When the Roman general sacked the temple, the Jews were forced into a new era—and so were the Christians. Gessius Florus loved money and hated Jews. As Roman procurator, he ruled Judea, caring little for their religious sensibilities. When tax revenues were low, he seized silver from the temple. As the uproar against him grew,…

Didache. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles (translation Charles H. Hoole).

7 years ago

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CHAPTER 1 1:1 There are two paths, one of life and one of death, and the difference is great between the two paths. 1:2 Now the path of life is this — first, thou shalt love the God who made thee, thy neighbour as thyself, and all things that thou wouldest not should be done…