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The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jehanne de Quillan

7 years ago

336 words

Mary Magdalene was the “beloved” companion of Christ; she is the Mary who stood at the foot of the cross.  She is the disciple he loved more than the others.  She was the disciple to whom He first appeared.
Yet, she was the disciple who was slandered, in her own times and later – by the Church.  She was largely redacted from the canonical Gospels (yet, clearly too prominent to be disappeared forever).  After the third century, many of the contemporary writings regarding her own ministry were suppressed and destroyed.

However, much remains;  In Gnostic writings Mary Magdalene is seen as one of the most important of Jesus’ disciples, whom he loved more than the others. The Gnostic Gospel of Philip names Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ companion. Gnostic writings describe tensions and jealousy between Mary Magdalene and other disciples, especially Peter.

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion is the first English translation of a previously unpublished first-century gospel of the same name. Originally written in Alexandrian Greek, and brought from Egypt to the Languedoc during the early to middle part of the first century, this exceptional manuscript has been preserved within the author’s spiritual community since that period. In this extraordinary book, the Gospel of the Beloved Companion comes alive to bring us a luminously poetic yet starkly objective insight into, and perhaps a new perspective on, the teachings and philosophy of one of the greatest spiritual teachers the world has ever known.

Author Jehanne de Quillan presents this translation along with a detailed comparative study between the Gospel of the Beloved Companion and the canonical and gnostic Gospels in a clear and easy-to-read format, leading the reader step-by-step to a deep understanding of this remarkable text and, perhaps for the first time, a clear and unsullied view of the woman known to most as Mary Magdalene.


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